Appeals | Reviews

“I am for truth, no matter who tells it. I am for justice, no matter who it’s for or against…”

 – Malcolm X

Has your visa been refused?

Step 1 – Check date of refusal. (You have limited time after a visa refusal to lodge an appeal).

Step 2 – Act fast: Call Oz Migration Services on 0401043271 to provide you with your review options.

At Oz Migration Services we are dedicated in fighting for you to be heard when a visa application has been refused or you have received an unfavourable outcome on appeal.

Appearing at the Tribunal may be a daunting experience for most – Oz Migration Services puts you at ease when we step you through the entire process.

  • We provide advice and assist you in your application for review by the Administrative Appeals Tribunal of decisions made by the Department of Immigration & Border Protection.
  • We provide complete assistance with Ministerial Intervention applications.

Call 0401 043 271 to find out more